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Anne Wheeler

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Anne Wheeler

About Me

I’m a 33-year-old technical and creative writer. Oh, and I'm funny.


I've written technical documentation for products you use every day. I create e‑learning for things as wide‑ranging as server farms and cloth diapers. I teach non‑technical people how to wow co‑workers with fancy PowerPoints. And I write about atomic tourism at McSweeney's.

My Skills

Technical Writing9/10


E-Learning Development7/10


Training Development8/10


Creative Non-Fiction/Essay Writing9/10


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Oh my stars and garters!


2012 Column Contest Winner

Are you telling me this sucker's nuclear? Adventures in Atomic Tourism.

"I stole a radioactive rock from the Nevada National Security Site."

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More Creative Non Fiction

Exciting things are afoot!


Upcoming Projects

  • Blogging Buffy. I'm watching and blogging about my first experiences with the Buffyverse. Yes, I know it's fifteen years after the rest of you watched it.
  • Vincent and I. I'm watching Vincent Price movies and pairing each with a scrumptous meal from his 1960s gourmet cookbook.
  • More Atomic Tourism stuff. It's never going away kids.

Technical Writing

Science! (kinda)

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Glamour Shots.

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Enjoy this picture of me from the fourth grade.

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